At last, your final year of college is here. Gone are the days of fretting about grades and filling up your free time with extracurricular activities; now it's time to think about securing that perfect post-graduation job. It won't be easy. In Cash Your Investment, S. A. Eberwein gives you the tools and guidance you need to bring the job you covet within reach.

When he was a college undergraduate, Eberwein faced a steep learning curve in getting the attention of big-name employers. Through hard work and strategic study, however, he soon secured an enviable position with a prestigious company—in his case, a reputable investment banking firm in New York City. Now, he wants to teach you how to do the same.

Cash Your Investment guides you toward your long-term job goals with original advice on job-search strategy, résumé writing, and interviews. Embark on your journey with a savvy plan and seek the job you've always dreamed about. Scour the landscape with an ambitious, multifaceted plan of attack, and be confident in your abilities. Keep at it, and don't let early rejection get you down. S. A. Eberwein is proof, irrespective of your starting point, that you can convert your undergraduate degree into a stellar first job—Cash Your Investment shows you how.

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